Microgreens are a delicious and nutritious option to add to any meal, LITERALLY! Just add a dash to your breakfast, lunch or dinner after your food has been cooked and prepared on the dish. Chef’s use Microgreens as a garnish to impress their customers with the bright contrasting hues that make their food pop! Microgreens have shown to have up to 40 x’s the nutritional benefits as their mature counterparts; This is becuase they are harvested just 7-14 days after they emerge from the seed and they still contain heavy concentrations of energy that hasn’t yet been used up by the plant.

-- $20/lb. --
Sunflower shoot
Pea shoot

-- $4.99/oz. --

-- $19.99/8 oz. Clamshell --
Purple Radish
Daikon radish
Spicy Micro-mix
Mild Micro-mix
Red Cabbage

All Microgreens are harvested within 24 hours of your order, washed and dried very well, without compromising texture. They are packed into clamshells and chilled immediately in our walk-in cooler. The Average Shelf Life in your fridge or cooler is around 10 days for most microgreens except Pea Shoots. Pea Shoots last from 2 weeks to 1 month.